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Off Road Excursions

Get behind the wheel of a Baja Pre-runner, old school style!

At No Limits Baja, we take our Baja excursions very seriously, as we realize that you are looking for an adventure whose memories will last with you for a lifetime, and we strive to exceed all your expectations

This is about finding a balance between adventure, adrenaline, exploration and getting to know Baja, whilst being respectful of the locals and their environment. Although you are not driving at race pace, you will be on-board very capable pre-runner vehicles, and we do slant towards the vintage team, as that is how we believe that Baja was, and should be discovered.

We believe that to truly enjoy the Baja adventure, you need to be able to take in your surroundings, and be received by the locals with a smile. We stay away from the use of helmets, however supply you with headsets and a racing intercom so that you can comfortably talk to your passengers, or listen to your favorite tunes in your iPod. Sure, we like vintage, and cool, but some of the modern comforts are pretty nice too.

From a one day tour out of Cabo with your friend, fiancée or family, in order for you to see what has been hiding from you just around the corner to 15 day full Baja Peninsula discovery trails are available for you, and all our tours are custom built for you.

Three    Full Size Bronco 4×4  3 seater Pre runners
Two    F-150 2×4 2 seater Pre-runners

Price depends on your requirement and itinerary, however a one-day tour starting from La Paz starts at US$950 for a one day experience

This includes:
Use of Pre-runner
Guide in separate lead pre-runner with radio communication
Driver and co-driver intercom
Lunch & Snacks

It does not include:
Transport to and from La Paz
Damages to pre-runner which is not deemed wear & tear

In order to get a quote for your personal experience, contact us for a quote sheet that will include some basic questions in order for us to be able to better put a proposal together for your group.