In order to fulfill your varied need, requirement or wish, we have a selection of different types of Off Road vehicles available for your pleasure. In order to address what has been quoted as being one of the most fun races amongst some of the biggest names in off road racing, we have prepared some old school vehicles that can participate in what has become this legendary Off road race.
Lasting 5 days, it uses classic off road race cars to relive the experience of the early Baja 1000, and thus attracts many of the original legends such as Malcom Smith, Walker Evans to name but a few…
Held over 5 days from Mexicali to San Jose, the NORRA covering some beautiful, and a little less demanding terrain than the usual Baja 1000, in consideration of the older vehicles.

It is a race, it is an opportunity to mingle with a great off road community and it is a perfect reason to party!!

Ask us about how you can be part of NORRA this year.