Take a look at this great video put together by our dear friend Gabi Locker following his 15 day No Limits Baja excursion, where the No Limits crew had to call in some special help from pretty special guests to make this trip even more unbelievable!!!

A little compilation of some racing moments over the last couple of years for Team ATRacing & No Limits Baja

An unforgettable experience for the team No Limits Baja / Tanom Racing…
Winning Class 5 Open of the 45th Edition TECATE SCORE Baja 1000

A couple of teasers… I think that they are teasers… !!

Here are a couple of very nice promotional videos of our Southern section of the Peninsula.

Getting ready for the 2013 race season, here are some brief videos of some of the trucks being tested for the suspension system.

Some various footage of the Los Barriles race that took place the 16&17th February.

You been wondering what a local short course race looks like…