Here are some of the things our past clients say about us:

“Very few letters have I written to recommend an organization in my 24 year career, but in this instance I am compelled to do so! Just straight out What an over the top experience is all I can say…physically..mentally..spiritually…and most significant of all, humbled by the power and majesty of the desert!

In closing, rare to find a group of professional and safety conscious people these days! My hats off to you… Your team consisting of real Baja Racers and crew were just fantastic!!!!

Do not miss the chance to take a tour of the greatest God made off road adventure region ever!!!!! But make sure it is with No Limits Baja Adventures!!!! Or you will miss the real Baja experience…”

Bobby Giblaint / Dallas, Texas

“It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Andrea Tomba and ATR.     The vehicles are exceptional!    They are fast, safe, challenging and forgiving. 
The off road tours that ATR plans are custom designed, each trip is different.  The novice driver and the more experienced off road enthusiast, will both have a ‘bucket list’ day!
Andrea knows Baja, you will see ranches and arroyos and scenery that you never could imagine existed in the area.   We saw a whole new view of Baja, met some great people, ate the best food!   ATR is addicting!”

R.King / Owner CKC Carting. Raced Class 7 Unlimited

“I have to admit that I was a little more nervous than I expected at first… There are a lot of different things to deal with when you are up for your first race! But it is comforting to know that you have professionals by your side, who walk you through every step, so that you know what to expect. You don’t just feel like a part of a race team, you feel like part of a true family! What started out as a “lets see what this is like” turned into three season of full racing, including a runner up Championship trophy! I can’t wait to get back down for some more racing with good friends and true professionals!”

Chad Faulkner / Raced Class 6 and Class 8 Open

“This is the best day…
The best day of Racing…
The Best day full stop!!
I have done a lot of different kinds of racing, but nothing seems to get more real than racing the Baja. Whether desert or short course, WOW, does this get your heart pumping! Everybody is so friendly, even competing teams all take you in, everybody does everything possible to help and for you to have a good time. And racing in Baja,. you really feel like a rock star!!”

Randy Sanders / Chicago Illinois, after winning in Class 6