About Us

At NO LIMITS BAJA, we are all about passion. Passion about Off Road racing, and passion for Baja. A passion, that we want to pass onto you!

Andrea Tomba

Born in Sweden and brought up by Italian parents and a French educational system before going to University in London, England, to study business, Andrea has quite a varied background. 

After some time in the world of real estate and trading in England, Andrea moved to la Paz in 1994 and set up a successful diving and water sports center, following his passion for SCUBA as a PADI Master Instructor, and Spearfishing Free diving.Andrea hosted several world class events, including Spearfishing World Cups and guided several trips landing World Record fish.  

However, although drawn to the Sea, Andrea quickly became enticed by the locals love for off-road racing.That love lead to Andrea owning his first race car in 1996, a Class 9 Buggy, after which he moved up to Class 7, driving for the TECATE Off Rioad Racing Team, and later moved up to Full Size pick ups, Class 8 Open, where Andrea still competes. 

Andrea has owned his own adventure and charter company as well as running southern operations for Wide Open Baja, culminating in deciding that No Limits Baja would be the vehicle which would allow Sandy and him to embrace all the varied Baja experiences to best pass on to Baja lovers to etch their own Baja adventures!

Sandy Hall

Sandy was born in Fredricksburg, West Virginia, which set the perfect training grounds for trail riding on both motorcycles and quads, however it wasn’t until his early twenties that Sandy decided to take the big step and to start racing!

His first steps into the world of racing addiction was taking part of the US Motocross series, as well as racing Unlimited Sprint Karts, both on dirt and asphalt. Sandy maintained his fix for both asphalt and dirt for a long time, on asphalt by racing his Viper and ’65 Cobra at the Virginia International Raceway and Summit Point Race Track, whilst he tackled the dirt n the unforgiving GNC Cross Country Racing Circuit on his quad with his brother, and fellow competitor, Chris.

In 2006, Sandy discovered Baja, and very quickly started a love affair with the Peninsula, initially finding more and more opportunities to go and visit, and shortly after extended his construction business to include Baja interests and projects.

In 2011, Sandy decided to favor the dirt side of racing, and bought a race-designed Polaris Razor and started to race in the Southern Baja Off Road Race Championship in Class 18, and continued in 2012, when he also stepped up on the Podium as Class Champion.

No Limits Baja Adventures embraces Sandy’s love for Baja, racing and adventure and allows him to share these passions with other aficionados. 

Felipe “PIO” Neri

Felipe, affectionately known as PIO, was born in La Paz, and fell in love with Off Road racing before he even knew how to walk we think!
His father was an off road motorcycle racer, and from as early as he can remember, Pio and his family were at every baja 1000, at every off road race possible, to cheer on their favorite drivers. Pio can name you not only most cars that have raced in the history of the Baja 1000, but drivers, anecdotes and all that other incredible information on off road racing. Following his love for racing, Pio quickly decided that he was to follow a career in Mechanics, and quickly worked for several teams, including being the crew chief for successful teams such as FRADISA,and being main mechanics for Gastellum Motorsports, Paularena Motorsports before becoming Crew Chief at ATRacing.
With Andrea, they quickly gelled, and Pio has been sitting in the right seat since 2011 in all of Andrea’s races.

A great mechanic with a infectious smile, Pio is a great attribute to the No Limit crew.